About Us

I say us, but it's just me for now - along with some talented freelancers. I'm an author... well, I wrote a book and just like many of you, I want it reviewed. After dealing with the cumbersome process of finding reviewers, asking them to please read and review my book, sending them PDFs by mail, and then waiting for them to finish reading it and post their review, I thought I'd try to incorporate and automate that process here. I'd rather be writing too. But the time spent writing isn't justified if no one's reading. And part of getting people to read your book is to get it reviewed. I hope this site helps out a lot of authors who are struggling to get their initial fan base and I hope it serves avid readers who want to read for free and are happy to help out the new breed of authors who are having to wear the hats of writer and marketeer at the same time.