Barbara C Craven

Barbara Catlin
Marble Falls
United States
After both of my kids headed off for college, I left writing to work in what all my non-writer friends referred to as the "real world." It seems like eons ago when two of my romance novels were award-winners, the third a bestseller. But I’m back to my calling…at last! I loved writing THE COWGIRL TAKES HER MAN and am now in the middle of THE FARMER TAKES HIS WIFE. They're both part of a new series. That series—BITTERPILL, TEXAS 78020—will consist of 4 novels and perhaps many, many more. ...Since I write small-town Texas Hill Country novels, all my stories are the polar opposite of, say, Beverly Hills 90210. So I wanted to come up with a series title that lets you, my readers, know exactly what you’re getting without as much as a peek at the book’s blurb! Thus, BITTERPILL, TEXAS 78020. You'll see my older books re-released as e-books, too. And each of the three sports a gorgeous new well as my "standard" Bonus Recipe (an easy one!) for you to try. In the meantime, happy reading!

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