Authors sign up to get reviews for your books. It costs $40* to post a book review request. This allows you to offer your book for free to our readers in exchange for a review. How many reviews will you get? Only time will tell.  

So, how to get started? Sign up for free, click on Create Book Review Request and fill out some information about the book (when you want it reviewed by, what kind of reviewer you're looking for, etc), upload an EPUB copy to the site, and you're set. From there you'll receive requests from reviewers to read and review your book. You can to choose which ones to accept/decline. 

Your book is safe on the site and can't be downloaded by reviewers or anyone else. You may grant publishers and literary agents who use the site the right to read your book for free. 





* If this price is too high, let me know. Of course, I want to offer a deal but not shoot myself in the foot. If the general consensus is that the price is too high, I'll consider lowering it. Personally, I spent thousands on producing my own book and so many hours looking for reviews, so if I could pay 40 bucks for just 5 honest reviews with minimal effort, I'd consider it an absolute steal.