How it Works

This site brings authors and readers together to scratch each other's back. Authors want reviews, readers want to read their books. Here's what each needs to do. 


1. Write the best book you can
2. Upload it to the site
3. Tell us what kind of reviewers you need
4. Tell us the maximum number of reviews you want, when you need them by, etc
5. Fill in some more info about the book so that reviewers can find it easily and make a good decision about reviewing it
6. Pay $40* for the Book Review Request
7. Wait for reviewers to ask to review your book
8. Accept or decline these requests

* There is a money-back guarantee. If, for the duration of your book post, you get no reviews, we'll send you your money back. Nothing to lose!


1. Find a book you want to review
3. Click the "Request to review this book" button next the book with whatever little message you want to send the author/publisher
4. Wait for the author/publisher to accept your offer
5. Once your offer is accepted, you can start reading
6. Write your HONEST review and post it to Amazon, Goodreads, etc within the specified time frame

What about publishers and literary agents?

I'm glad you brought that up. Publishers can also join the site and post books for their published authors. They do have to pay for an annual membership to the site, but this membership allows them to read books on the site. You see, authors can check the box "allow publishers and literary agents to read this book" when posting their work. These books will be available online to publishers and literary agents to scout out new talent. Literary Agents also pay for annual membership and the ability to read books online, they just don't post books themselves. 

Any more questions? Please let us know.