Book: "Quanology", review by mpwru

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Quanology offers an easy to understand way of explaining the scientific side of humanity and sociology from an evolutionary viewpoint. He mixes science with personal development to create a guiding book for those of us who want more from life than a winning lottery ticket. Our biological instincts and cultural history are often in conflict with our present technological and cultural situation causing problems worldwide. We’re not basically selfish, we’re “gene-ish” as the author says, that is to mean our genes are guiding us and we’re still following those basic instincts which evolved over thousands of years.

The book explores how we use strategy and resources in everything from creating governments to dating just so our genes can proliferate. He does this with a sense of humor which always helps when thinking about BIG ideas that encompass all of humanity. The message is clear, nature forces us to compete and or cooperate because that’s how we survive and thrive. Evolution doesn’t stand still and I like how this book explains that process.

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