Reviewer of the Month

We really want to reward book reviewers for all their efforts - as selfless and noble as they may be. To the best reviewer of the month goes the monthly prize:

A $100 Starbucks gift certificate


A $100 Amazon gift certificate

All you have to do is be chosen as "Reviewer of the Month". 

How do you do that? Score points. 

The point system is as follows:

- 100 points for a review
- 1 point per star per review (ie. someone gives your review 5 stars, then you get 5 extra points for the review you posted)
Only reviewers who have actually reviewed a book on the site can rate the reviews of others. 

So, if you write 3 reviews the each review gets two five-star ratings, you'll have 330 points. 
Reviews have to be completed and reviews need to be rated within the same month. 

Best of luck (but really, it should have anything to do with luck, just good reviews ;-))

To get started, go sign up or if you're already signed up, check out some new books to review