Reviewers can sign up for free to read books for free. The authors and publishers on our site post free review copies of their books on this in order to get them reviewed. You, as a reviewer, will get to read them for free, provided you post an review of the book on Amazon and Goodreads. As a reviewer, you will be able to gain value and get a good reputation on the site by providing well-written, honest reviews. The idea is that the more clout you have on the site, the more authors and publishers will want you to read and review their books. 

So, what do you need to do to review books on the site? First make sure you have an Amazon and Goodreads account. Then simply start searching for books you want to read and review. You can only read three at a time, so choose them wisely. What's more, authors will be accepting or rejecting your requests to review, so make sure you're a good match for what the author is looking for. 

Once your request to review a book has been accepted, you can start reading the book online via our web-based e-reader. You can start penning your review and taking notes straight away. Once you've read the book and written and posted your review on Amazon and Goodreads, simply mark the review as "complete" on your site and you're done.