Rosemary A Johns

United Kingdom

ROSEMARY A JOHNS is author of the bestselling Blood Dragons and Blood Shackles - the compelling Rebel Vampires series. Blood Renegades is released June 2017.

ROSEMARY A JOHNS is a music fanatic and a lover of the anti-hero. She wrote her first fantasy novel at the age of ten, when she discovered the weird worlds inside her head were more exciting than double swimming. Since then she’s studied history at Oxford University, run a theatre company (her critically acclaimed plays have been described as "uncomfortable, unsettling and uneasily true to life"), and worked with...

Barbara Catlin

Barbara C Craven

Marble Falls
United States

After both of my kids headed off for college, I left writing to work in what all my non-writer friends referred to as the "real world." It seems like eons ago when two of my romance novels were award-winners, the third a bestseller. But I’m back to my calling…at last!

I loved writing THE COWGIRL TAKES HER MAN and am now in the middle of THE FARMER TAKES HIS WIFE. They're both part of a new series.

That series—BITTERPILL, TEXAS 78020—will consist of 4 novels and perhaps many, many more. ...Since I write small-town Texas Hill Country novels, all my stories are...

D.V. Nobles

Dan Nobles

Hidden Realms and Far Away Places
Science Fiction
United States

D.V. Nobles was drawn to writing at a very early age and began developing his own original short-stories well before his teens. Over the years, he has developed his craft in both fiction and non-fiction as well as his first love, science-fiction. He continues to be fascinated with the creative process and the many surprises that it can yield. It is his hope, as he shares his work with others, that readers might be delighted by some of these surprises along the way.

Hannah Oliver

United States

The Carson Scott Chronicles is my first writing project. When I'm not spending time with the characters in my head I'm working on a very boring degree in economics.

Caitlyn Lynch


Caitlyn Lynch is an Australian mother of two who has always enjoyed reading and writing romantic fiction. Happily married to her very own tall, dark and handsome for 14 years and counting, she draws on a rich imagination to create new scenarios for her erotic romances.

Devin Bartone Author "The $100,000 Auto Injury Settlement Kit"

Devin Bartone

Santa Rosa
United States

Wednesday’s child, daughter, sister & wife. Born October 5, 1960, Devin Bartone lives in Northern California, with her husband.

Cat Skinner

Cat Skinner


Cat Skinner is the retired Artistic Director of cabaret burlesque troupe Les Coquettes who now works as a writer, blogger, and a proud mother of three in a truly unique family. Drawing on years of experience creating a beautiful bubble, she writes about sex, love, family life and the pursuit of passion.

K.R. Steam

United States

K. R. Steam is a variety author. Her line of work includes writing Lesbian Erotica, Horror, Romance, Action, Adventure, Drama, and Sci-Fi in the form of Short Stories, Novelettes, Novellas, and Novels. Recently released from a well-known publisher but is now on her own two feet as an Indie Author. Not only does she write books but she writes a blog and, if she has time, does book reviews.

Soon, she plans on also beginning a YouTube Blog allowing her fans to get to know her on a more personal level while discussing her books.

Joseph Ferguson

United States

Joseph Ferguson is an author, poet, and journalist appearing in a variety of small press, regional, and national publications. He wrote
propaganda for a living for a variety of entities for some 25 years.
His recent collection of short fiction, Southbound, follows the exploits of one character, Basement Man.
He is a former editor and critic for Hudson Valley , ran the Fiction Workshop for the Poughkeepsie Library District, and regularly reviews books and videos for Climbing, The American Book Review, Kirkus Indie, and a number of other publications.
He also...

Ben Mariner

United States

Ben Mariner is the award winning author of the Apocalypse Wow series, though all of those awards were self-presented. He has also written The Many Lives of Zane Montgomery which some people definitely read. When not writing, Ben can be found searching the globe for the lost city of Atlantis or attempting to break the record for most consecutive hours spent doing nothing in particular. He is an avid consumer of useless knowledge, a staunch supporter of not eating vegetables ever, and knows every single word to Will Smith’s 1997 album Big Willie Style. And, no, that’s not a joke.