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Former full-time teacher turned substitute after staying home to raise my daughter. Romance HEAs are a daily MUST in my life. I am a crafty little nerd who likes to make jewelry, cards, and color.
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Perhaps a shirt might read "Choose a Frosted Cowboy".

Cute story. Laney has awesome friends and a great sense of humor. What she doesn't have is good luck in love. At the advice of her friend, Natalie, she goes out to a trendy western bar for drinks. She meets a couple of guys at the end of the bar. They have a good time. Her friend warns her off the cute one as she's seen him around a lot. Laney is a wedding dress designer. Not her dream job, but at least she is designing. After going to a wedding and reception, where she upstages the bride (according to the bride's mom), she loses her job. Laney decides to design t-shirts. After some stumbles, she may be getting it right. She's has dated a few guys along the way and maybe she is starting to get that right, too. Laney's insecurities are real and mainly the result of her last boyfriend, Kyle. They cause some misjudgments and loads of laughs. This is a fun read.

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